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A Hidden Revenue Boost for Property Managers: Left-Behind Furniture

February 9, 2024

You don’t have to check the cushions and desk drawers of your last tenant’s left-behind furniture to make it worthwhile for you to deal with all of that office furniture. 

ROS Office Furniture specializes in helping property managers and real estate professionals make more than spare change from discarded office furniture.

50% Profit, 100% Ease

Save yourself the headache of dealing with leftover office furniture. You shouldn’t have to surrender furniture at a loss to new tenants or give it away for free just to get it out of your building. 

As an ROS referral partner, you get a straightforward 50% cut from the sale of the discarded office furniture. Our commercial furniture broker handles the entire process, leaving you with effortless extra revenue.

Hands-Off Furniture Logistics Management

Partnering with ROS means you hand over all of the logistical headaches of disassembling, transporting, selling, and assembling office furniture. We take care of every detail, ensuring a seamless process from start to finish.

Start Your New Tenant’s Occupancy Right

Your new tenant has one thing in mind—making this space, their space. If they aren’t planning to keep the old tenant’s office furniture, you don’t want it cluttering up the vision they have of their business in your space.

Our services not only clear the space efficiently but also contribute to a smoother transition for your new occupant. A satisfied tenant is a long-term tenant.

Our Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our goal is to simplify the transfer of furniture for you to the point that all you need to think about is calling us. We handle the rest of the details from there. Our tailored solutions can include managing the sale, organizing transportation, disassembling furniture, and handling all of the nitty-gritty details so that our services fit seamlessly into your workflow.

Monetize Unwanted Assets

Don’t let unused office furniture become a burden. Partnering with ROS ensures that you not only get rid of unwanted furniture but also make a profit. Instead of disposing of furniture for next to nothing (or for nothing…), let us help you monetize those assets and boost your bottom line.

Pull more than spare change out of the crevices of your left-behind office furniture. Learn more about ROS Office Furniture and become a referral partner with us today.