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The Easy, Profitable Solution
for Left-Behind Office Furniture

Lose the hassle of dealing with abandoned office furniture and turn a profit in the process.

Stop Giving Away Your Last Tenant’s Furniture

Broker Partnership

ROS Office Furniture offers a turnkey solution to sell your previous tenant’s discarded furniture to your future tenants if they want it OR to another buyer if they don’t.

50% of the Sale

We’ll show the furniture, manage the sale, and price it at fair-market value, so you actually make money instead of having to pay someone to remove furniture.

NONE of the Hassle

We provide a turnkey experience from start to finish. All you do is hand over the worry and collect the check.

ISSUE: New Tenant Wants to Keep Furniture
  • Leftover furniture is often a major hassle you don’t have time to deal with.
  • You have to go through the process of determining the furniture’s value, getting it appraised, and deciding whether to sell it, donate it, or junk it.
  • If you simply include the furniture in the new lease agreement for free or a $1 buyout, you’re missing out on the opportunity for more return from the property.
  • Dealing with the leftover furniture takes your time away from more important leasing activities, complicating negotiations as the furniture becomes another factor to work through.

In the end, you may feel like you gave away an asset that could have generated more rental income.

SOLUTION: Partner with ROS

You want to get the most value from vacant units while making them move-in smooth for new tenants. We sell existing furniture for you at fair prices, not giving it away. Then we split sales 50/50, allowing you to recapture value.

With us as your partner, furniture doesn’t complicate lease negotiations. If tenants know we handle furniture separately, it stays out of leasing discussions.

Tell tenants “ROS will handle furniture, you focus on the lease.” You can finalize terms without furniture costs impacting.

You extract value from vacant units, tenants get a streamlined process, and we handle furniture as your partner. It’s a win-win.

ISSUE: New Tenant Doesn’t Want to Keep Furniture
  • Having to pay for removal and disposal of unwanted, left behind furniture – even if it’s nice, quality furniture – creates additional costs.
  • These disposal costs eat into your bottom line.
  • Time spent decluttering the space takes away from more productive leasing activities.
  • You cannot hand over keys to new tenant until all furniture is cleared out, slowing down the transition.
  • You lose out on an opportunity to capture value from the furniture assets.
  • Rather than free disposal, the furniture could generate revenue through resale.
    SOLUTION: Partner with ROS

    We handle selling any usable furniture for you at fair market prices, rather than you having to pay for removal and disposal. We have the experts to properly appraise pieces and market them to get top dollar. Then we split the proceeds 50/50, allowing you to recapture value.

    In the end, you reduce costs by avoiding removals, accelerate turnovers by clearing spaces quickly, get money back on usable furniture, and streamline negotiations by separating furniture from leasing. It’s a totally pain-free, profitable solution for your leftover furniture woes.

    Let’s connect to discuss further how an exclusive furniture brokerage partnership can turn your furniture headaches into bottom line gains.

    Become an ROS Referral Partner

    Let’s Meet

    A broker relationship is built on trust. You need to know about us, and we want to know more about the properties you manage to understand your office furniture needs.

    You Sell the Property

    Focus your time and energy on finding the right tenant to occupy your space and leave the hassle of the leftover office furniture to us.

    office furniture
    We’ll Sell the Furniture

    As your exclusive furniture broker, we’ll manage the sale of the office furniture to your new tenant or actively locate other buyers.

    At ROS Furniture, we are a full-service office furniture solution covering all your needs:

    • Brokerage & Liquidation – Recapture value from vacant spaces
    • New Furniture Procurement – Source stunning furniture
    • Design & Space Planning – Optimize layouts and selections
    • Project Management – Oversee the entire process
    • Delivery & Installation – Handle placement and setup
    • Storage & Asset Management – Store and track your inventory

    As your one-stop partner for the Kansas City area, ROS provides an end-to-end furniture solution – from recapturing value to procuring new pieces and managing assets.

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