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When Solutions Experts Have Problems: How Herzog Contracting Corp. Found Its Furniture Fix with ROS

April 23, 2024

Even companies specializing in solutions have problems they struggle to solve — it’s ironic but true!

Just ask Brian Wolff, a controller at Herzog Contracting Corp. On the surface, it might seem that a construction company specializing in solutions for railway and heavy highway transportation problems could furnish an office without so much as a hiccup. 

But hiccups go hand-in-hand with business. Every company has areas of expertise and problems that require outside assistance. 

The Challenge of Finding the Perfect Furniture Supplier: Herzog’s Story

Before turning to ROS Office Furniture (ROS) for help with Herzog’s furnishing needs, Wolff could not find a supplier that satisfied the company’s needs.

We have limited options locally that provide a fair price and good customer service,” he says, acknowledging the importance of both of these elements. “ROS provides reliable timeframes and quality installations, too.”

Wolff also discovered that, instead of simply doing what he asked, ROS took a more involved approach to the furnishing process to ensure that Herzog ended up with furniture that fit the company’s needs to a tee. 

“ROS works with the customer, not for the customer,” he explains. “When we need office products, their team gives suggestions and solutions to provide us with the best options.”

Quality Furniture Equals Employee Satisfaction 

The resulting furniture, which included tables, cubicles, desks, and laterals, has been a hit with the employees, boosting their morale. 

“We’ve noticed that when employees have nice workstations, they are more positive,” he says. “The ROS team has also been great at working with our teams during installs to minimize the impact to our staff.”

Elaborating on his orders thus far, Wolff says, “We have been very pleased with the quality of all the new items.” 

While ROS also offers preowned furniture, Herzog has only ordered new furnishings as of this writing. That could change, of course, when Wolff places yet another order with the company.

“We have used ROS many times for all of our needs at multiple facilities and plan to use them in the future,” he says. 

ROS: The Total Package Solution

What makes Wolff want to work with ROS again? 

“The entire ROS team is a pleasure to work with,” he says. The sales and design teams communicate effectively. The install teams are courteous and efficient, and the products are quality, too.”

If your company needs a furniture solution, ROS Office Furniture is ready to help. 

In addition to offering preowned and new high-end office furnishings, we are also expert space planners. With our expertise in optimizing offices, we design your office layout to maximize functionality, collaboration, and cultivation of company culture. 

Once you’re happy with our plans, we quickly supply you with furniture from our 400,000-square-foot warehouse, making your furniture problem a thing of the past. Explore our offerings on our website to learn more about our capabilities and furnishing options

If you need further assurance that ROS has solutions for your problems, consider Wolff’s generous rating of our company.

“When it comes to the design teams, sales, and installation experience,” he says, “I would rate ROS’s service as a 10 out of 10.”

If you’re ready for solutions to your furniture problems, fill out our customer form online today or call us at (816) 842-9993. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you so you can cross one problem off of your company’s list!