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The High Cost of Cheap Office Furniture

November 9, 2023

The point-and-click purchase power and flashy free shipping that has transformed our online shopping experience is great for so many reasons… but buying quality office furniture is not one of them.

Before you order from an online mega-store, consider these hidden costs of buying discounted office furniture.

“Cheap” Office Furniture Comes with a Convenience Fee

This fee doesn’t show up on your final invoice, but when you order cheap furniture, many of the costs are passed on to you. 

Sure, your preferred online vendor might deliver for free, but it’s you and your staff who are left with the final assembly line. It might not be so bad if you’re ordering one desk or one chair, but when it’s time outfit your entire conference room with new chairs or renovate several office spaces with fresh cabinets, desks, and shelving units, what little you saved on “some assembly required” will end up costing you dozens of unbillable hours.

You didn’t hire your team to assemble furniture.

When you purchase quality new or preowned furniture from ROS Office Furniture, you can count on our highly trained staff to provide full-service office space furnishings, from design to installation.

The Delivery Man Doesn’t Remove Your Old Furniture

Not only are you stuck with DIY desks, you also have to deal with all the furniture you wanted to replace in the first place. Where do you plan to ship your old and outdated pieces? In the back of your brother’s pickup truck?

ROS Office Furniture will help you create a removal plan, coordinated with your staff, to reduce the impact on your operations. Your new furniture can be installed and the old removed, and no one has to worry about renting a moving van.

Cheap Furniture Today, Broken Furniture Tomorrow

There’s a reason that desk only cost so much and arrived in an easy-to-maneuver box: its materials are low quality. All it takes is a little time before that pressed wood  starts to show some wear-and-tear.

Quality new or preowned furniture might cost more upfront, but ROS Office Furniture personally inspects and selects pieces that are built to withstand the test of time. We source top quality, name brand furniture, which means you can select furniture that is designed to last.

Online Box Stores Lack Insight into Your Office Design

No matter how many times you’ve pulled out a tape measure and tried to envision how the conference room will look with the desk you found online, it’s still impossible to gauge just how it will fit in the space.

This is one of our favorite parts of the services we provide.

ROS Office Furniture loves to work with you to select quality new or preowned office furniture that will suit your space and meet your needs. We pride ourselves on having an eye for design and a wide selection of high quality furniture that can provide that special touch to your space.

You Pay for What You Get… and That Probably Means Poor Lumbar Support

Inexpensive office furniture can be great to look at, but you don’t need furniture as modern art. You need furniture that you can use.

Consider how many hours your staff have to sit in those $50 chairs.

What does that wobbly conference room table say to the clients you’re trying to do business with?

Furniture needs to be more than fashionable; it needs to be functional. With ROS Office Furniture, you can have it both ways—fashion and function at a fraction of the price.

If it’s time to refresh your furniture with high quality options that will stand the test of time and give you the vibe you’re looking for, connect with a member of our design team today to visit the showroom, design your space, and set the course for your furniture delivery and installation. We can’t wait to help you.