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Save Money on Your Office Furniture Upgrade without Sacrificing Quality

April 24, 2023

There’s nothing like a furniture refresh to revive the spirit of a team that has been in and out of Zoom fatigue for the last three years. But whether you are renovating your office, expanding your footprint, or opening a new space, the cost to purchase and install brand new furniture can give any small- to medium-sized business sticker shock.

ROS Office Furniture has a solution that allows you to save money on office furniture without compromising on quality. Preowned furniture is the perfect way for offices that need furniture to suit their entire team, whether you have 20 employees or 200.


What Is Preowned Office Furniture?

Scrap the vision in your mind of cobwebbed plastic chairs and rusting metal dividers stacked in the corners of a dim warehouse somewhere, because that is absolutely not what we mean by preowned furniture.

Preowned furniture is high quality office furniture that looks brand new from the most regarded brands. Typically, Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies upgrade their furniture every five years in order to keep up with the latest trends in workspace configurations. To attract and recruit top-notch talent, they want the most up-to-date, clean, and aesthetically pleasing furniture… even if their “old stuff” is hardly used. Furniture manufacturers cater to the needs of these large corporations, frequently designing furniture that fits their desires for all needs, from open-flow concept to spaces designed for more privacy.

ROS acquires this furniture and resells it to customers like you, who are savvy enough to recognize high quality furniture and frugal enough to see the benefits of buying preowned. 

Choosing preowned furniture not only reduces your overall cost and refreshes your office aesthetic; it’s also the green choice, reducing furniture waste that can clutter up landfills.


Outfit Your Entire Building

Preowned furniture is also not a hodge-podge collection of mix-matched pieces you’ll have to find creative ways to configure. Because we acquire our preowned furniture from these Fortune 500 and 100 companies, we have hundreds of coordinated office cubicles, desks, chairs, conference tables, and more so that you are able to outfit your entire building with preowned furniture. And because these styles are often timeless and still fairly recent, they pair well with new furniture options, as well.

Although ROS is the largest preowned office furniture dealer in the Midwest, with furniture available from a variety of mainline manufacturers, there is always the chance we don’t have something specific you’re looking for in stock. That’s why we have access to a database of over 200 partner furniture dealers across the country that are more than willing to trade inventories with us to accommodate your specific furniture needs.


Hybrid Options

Many of our customers come to us with a specific look they’re going for. Some of their vision can be satisfied by selecting preowned furniture that saves them a lot of money, like high-end, ergonomic chairs. We are able to meet the rest of their needs by helping them select new pieces to complement their preowned choices, or vice versa. Whatever your vision is, we can help you find the right combination to achieve your goals and save you money at the same time.

ROS Office Furniture doesn’t have a contract with any single manufacturer, so we can mix and match and plug and play with a little of everything. Plus, we provide turn-key services—our quote is all-inclusive for installation, delivery, design, space planning, and so on. These other services are add-ons at other places.


Don’t Be Another Company’s “Little Fish”

The mainline manufacturers that are catering to the needs of Fortune 500 companies can’t give the same care and attention to smaller operations; their best sales team members are focused on the big fish. 

ROS focuses on serving businesses with 20-200 employees. You don’t have to feel like the little fish in a big pond, because you are our ideal customer. As a family-owned business, customer service is our highest priority.

Explore our gallery of new and preowned furniture to get a sense of what’s available to you and then reach out to the ROS Office Furniture team to capitalize on the value of high quality, preowned furniture.