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Furnishing Futures: ROS Office Furniture and the Entrepreneur’s Journey

April 23, 2024

When a new business is booming, moving into an office for the first time is an accomplishment worth celebrating. But when it comes to furnishing a new space, entrepreneurs focused on maintaining forward momentum might summarize their mindsets by saying, “Who cares about chairs?”

Business owner and operator Ben Allgeyer certainly didn’t want to take his eye off the ball when preparing to move his operations into an office.

“When it comes to things like furnishing an office, I don’t want to have to figure out what we need,” Ben says. “That’s where Matt Moore at ROS Office Furniture comes in.”

While some entrepreneurs may have time to handle office particulars themselves, Allgeyer is the owner and operator of not one but three businesses in the Kansas City area — Crown City Homes, Unique Painting KC, and Stonemont Security Solutions. No wonder he wanted someone else to address his furnishing needs!

“A lot of people in our industry don’t have offices,” Allgeyer said of his real estate investment peers. “They can do their jobs from home.” Transitioning from remote working to an office environment means addressing new needs, including furnishing and office space planning.

Optimizing office space to maximize productivity, encourage collaboration, and streamline communication requires strategy, expertise, and — once again — time that many business owners and project managers lack.

As an experienced space planner, ROS Office Furniture (ROS) offers much-needed services for people like Allgeyer.

“We sent our office layout to Matt, who looked at our plans and made recommendations. Then we let him furnish our space — just like that. We didn’t have to do a thing,” Allgeyer says.

While furnishing an office can be costly, it doesn’t have to be. With ROS’s preowned furniture, customers can enjoy high-end brands in good-as-new condition for an affordable price.

“I know Matt’s prices are going to be reasonable — I trust him,” Allgeyer says. “He’s not going to try and sell me a $10,000 conference table if he’s got an $800 one that’s going to suit my needs.”

While ROS offers new furniture, Allgeyer’s office proves that furnishings don’t need to be new to dazzle visitors.

“People come to our office and tell us how impressed they are with how professional everything looks,” Allgeyer says. “They can’t believe we didn’t have to pay for brand-new furniture. Best of all, they can see the thought that went into the space.”

For executives who have dealt with a furniture supplier only to experience uncertainties about whether and when the promised furnishings will arrive, Allgeyer offers encouraging words about his dealings with ROS.

“Their communication is excellent,” he says. “They tell you when your order has shipped and when it will arrive. Not every company does that. Other companies aren’t as communicative — they don’t realize that customers appreciate that kind of information.”

With a wide range of preowned and new office furniture in a 400,000 square-foot warehouse, ROS Office Furniture is positioned to quickly supply customers with workstations, cubicles, desk sets, office seating, conference furniture, and reception furniture, among other offerings. Explore our offerings on our website to learn more .

Take Allgeyer’s word that it’s worth your while.

“If someone asks me where to get office furniture,” he says, “I’m going to recommend ROS Office Furniture.”

When it comes to answering the question, “Who cares about chairs?” we’re happy to reply, “We do!” It’s our privilege to provide office space planning and furnishings for companies like yours so you can continue to focus on keeping business booming.

Visit our website today to learn more about what we can do for you, and reach out if you have questions. Answers — and preowned and new furnishings — await you!