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5 Ways to Update Your Office Vibe (Even When the Economy is Iffy)

September 13, 2023

Business is booming and it’s time to make some changes in your office space, but the last few years’ unpredictable economic climate warrants some hesitation. Is it really the best time to invest in a complete office renovation, expansion, or a totally new office space?

If you’re feeling gun shy about expanding your office, it’s the 21st century, and we’re all about staying nimble and innovative! You can give your office space room to grow without knocking down walls or changing your address. 

Here are some key ways you can make it happen and save a dime in the process.

1. Invest in a New Office Vibe to Refresh Your Current Space

If your office space just feels outdated, it doesn’t take a change of scenery to bring your team and clientele into a sharper, crisper environment. 

Swap out your waiting room furniture for new (or new-to-you) sofas, chairs, and coffee tables. Refresh the check-in desk or replace your conference room table and/or chairs with more modern, comfortable, ergonomic designs. People aren’t looking at your walls or floor configurations nearly as much as they care how comfortable and classy your furniture feels.

2. Flex In-Office Days and Office Sharing to Give Employees What They Want Anyway

A huge percentage of U.S. workers say they need flexibility in their jobs — 96 percent! — and yet only 47% feel they have it. It puts lots of businesses in a bind. You know the value and importance of keeping your team together, in person, but employee recruitment and retention increasingly requires flexibility, remote office options, and more.

You can use your current space crunch to your advantage. Spin the problem into an opportunity to be innovative in how you use your space. 

ROS Office Furniture can help you optimize your square footage with cubicle layouts and furniture selections that will allow your employees to work how they want without compromising productivity and collaboration.

This will give you more time to plan and save for the office expansion you think is on the horizon.

3. Design a More Strategic Office Layout to Accommodate Growth

How efficient is your office space right now? Have you ever thought about changing the layout to optimize your square footage instead of renovating or relocating to a new space altogether? 

It might not be the office space that needs to change but rather the layout of your office. 

Sometimes it takes another set of eyes to see ways to make your space work without investing extra dollars in a lengthy and time-consuming expansion or renovation. You can work with a designer at ROS Office Furniture to reconfigure your current office space to comfortably accommodate your growing team.

Changing the layout, rearranging traffic flow, and even the kinds of furniture you choose could free up space you didn’t even know you had.

4. Buy Furniture Now, Save for Renovations (or New Spaces) Later

If you envision a future office expansion or renovation on the horizon but just aren’t ready to take that financial leap, you can experiment with a fresh look and feel now that can carry over into your expansion later. 

Refurbished spaces bring new energy and life that carries over into boosted team morale, which impacts every area of your business. And if you purchase quality new or preowned furniture now, you can put away the money you save to save for future office improvements.

5. Opt for Preowned Furniture instead of New

Another way to save money in an uncertain economy is to select office furniture that isn’t new but is new-to-you. 

Some corporate offices have it in their budget to turnover furniture every couple of years in order to entice a certain kind of employee or client to their business.

Most of us don’t have that kind of a budget. We’re born of frugal midwestern roots. We pride ourselves on being practical but not cheap — we are on the hunt for quality furniture that is going to last.

Well, while other businesses are chasing after the latest trends, you can benefit from the high quality furniture they’re ready to walk away from.

Like a new car losing a good chunk of its value the minute it leaves the lot, you can save lots of money buying quality preowned office furniture from ROS that ranges in style and design to meet your aesthetic needs.

You can also choose to mix-and-match new and preowned furniture to save money where it counts. Perhaps your team really wants a particular new chair, but doesn’t care as much about the style of cubicles. Work with the ROS team to save money with our vast preowned inventory so that you can put your dollars to work on the things that matter the most to your team.

Re-Envision Your Office Space with ROS Office Furniture

Don’t wait until the economy is just right to make those huge changes to your office; give yourself more time and space now by upgrading your office furniture. 

ROS Office Furniture delivers full-service, high-quality, new and preowned commercial furniture so that you can renovate your office space into the professional space that matches the office aesthetic you envision.

Check out these 8 steps to renovate your office and then start building your office with ROS.

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